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Birthday in Stresa, Italy

12 giugno 2017

Finally back!

A few days ago I was invited to a conference in Stresa, and I gladly accepted because I already knew the beauty of the location. I and Marti went there on Friday and stayed over the weekend in order to celebrate my (freakin’) birthday in a quiet fashion.

Indeed, after the closing remarks of the conference on Saturday, we had lunch together with some colleagues and then departed for our afternoon bike tour.

Stresa is a small town on the shores of Lake Maggiore, located in Piedmont Region (Northern Italy). Every year many tourists are attracted its nice weather and tasty food.


Panoramic view of Stresa and Lake Maggiore (on the opposite shore: Pallanza and Verbania) from the street that comes down. Beautiful sunny days!

We basically had a 42-km bike tour  in two hours, from Stresa to the small town of Ornavasso, and then to the perimeter of Lake Mergozzo (a small lake immediately North-West of Lake Maggiore) to conclude in Verbania, on the opposite shore of Stresa. And obviously we went back to Stresa.

I can tell that it was very hot! Probably the first real taste of summer 2017. After that tour, we had time to relax a little bit and then to conclude some work we both had to mandatory conclude for our respective institutions… lately it’s often hard to have weekends completely free of work issues, but it’s ok! Anyways, the hotel was very comfortable! That was definitely a positive aspect of our short trip.


Grand Hotel Bristol. Kind of a Presidential Suite! We definitely enjoyed this hotel for its exceptional comfort!

Other than the bike workout, we basically relaxed and took a promenade in Stresa, both on Saturday and on Sunday.

In order to celebrate, there was nothing better than some good food! Both on Saturday and on Sunday (my birthday) we tried very special dishes: classic cold cuts with polenta and cheese, mixed grilled meat, risotto with Gorgonzola cheese and mousse of pear, and also some irrevocable favourite-dishes such as Italian pizza, fried mixed fish, and spaghetti with clams. They were simply mouth-watering!!! Good to have also some sport to burn calories, otherwise it’s too much! 😉

Here is some foodporn for you!


Mixed cold cuts and a slice of polenta taragna with Gorgonzola cheese at Ristorante Trattoria “La Botte” (historic center of Stresa, pedestrian-only area).


Mixed grilled meat at Ristorante Trattoria “La Botte”, Stresa.


Risotto with Gorgonzola cheese and mousse of pear! Obviously at Ristorante Trattoria “La Botte”!


The staff of Ristorante Trattoria “La Botte” is very kind and efficient. We made a reservation, we were welcomed warmly and had a glass of Spumante with the appetizers. Best thing was: “Hi Guys! Welcome back, we remember you!”, since we were here again exactly one year ago.

That was a good birthday for me (basically a “gourmet weekend”!); we will have time to celebrate with Friends later in June, but meanwhile it was definitely worth to spend a weekend in Stresa!

#stresa #visitstresa #italy #italiansdoitbetter (sometimes!)

See you soon!

PMJ and Marti

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