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The Fridge

1 febbraio 2014

This story is quite common: it’s a summary of the controversial relationship of a category of workers and their fridge.


I won’t tell you anything special… I simply think that one of the worst scenarios is when you really need something that is in the “impenetrable ice glacier” area… you will understand for sure.

Anyways, I admit that my home fridge here in NY would be the same, if I hadn’t had two roommates. The problem is that my shelf is the lowest one, and as a consequence every single spill, or small pieces of food, or other stuff… all of them inevitably fall down to my space. For this reason, when they find something dirt on their shelves (but it’s too late for me), they clean it up (after a few days…). At the end of the process I have to clean my shelf too, because otherwise I will appear as the dirtiest guy in the apartment (while, on the contrary, I’m THE CLEANEST and it’s a fact).

In conclusion: they make the whole fridge dirt, they start to clean their space, I clean my space at the end. Periodically. Our fridge is not so bad…

My worst move was probably to leave a black plastic bag, closed, from December 2013 up to yesterday, when I had to clean my shelf. The bag was closed, you know, and the consistency from outside was quite “hard”, and without any smell too. When I decided to open it, I found out why: a plastic box containing grapes, that’s why it was “hard”. I was lucky it was closed, as if it was new… let’s say this: the grapes inside were not in good conditions.

Stay tuned!



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