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Freezing and the soda cans

31 gennaio 2014

For the first time after weeks, temperatures are higher than 32 F here in Gotham. Higher than 0 (Zero) Celsius, if you prefer! It’s not bad, because
I was almost used to an average of -10 Celsius and today I don’t feel cold.

Locals say that this winter is one of the coldest they remember. Obviously, I cannot be sure because they are quite young… but, you know, since they are mainly my age and older, probably they are not too young. So I can definitely trust them!

It was expected: Paolo arrives, let him try one of the hottest summers and one of the coldest winter NYC has ever experienced. Why not?

Whatever. The funny thing (there are also funny moments, you know) is that during one of the coldest days at the beginning of January, I went out from Mount Sinai at about 7.00 pm and found the hot-dog vendor who was going crazy…

…very crazy because a lot of his soda cans exploded due to the freezing weather (it was 4 F, that evening) and the ice formation! Sooo funny! ah ah
I always thought that New Yorkers have a certain positive feeling with Ice! In this occasion, I was wrong.

Stay tuned!!



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