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NY loves tourists

14 maggio 2013

The city is seeing a record number of visitors, but officials are trying to lure more with new attractions and campaigns.

New York City has a message to tourists: There’s a lot more to see than you realize. The city raked in 52 million visitors last year, a record number that brought $55.3 billion into the city’s coffers.

The mayor wants to raise the number of visitors to 55 million annually and is working hard to reach that goal.

While Times Square and Central Park are the top spots for visitors, city officials have been on a quest to lure them to different parts of Gotham, including 1 World Trade Center and the “new” West Side.

At the same time, the city is banking on spotlighting new attractions and destinations outside of Manhattan.

Foto: scorcio da Central Park south (by Paolo Mazzola, riproduzione vietata)

Foto: scorcio da Central Park south (by Paolo Mazzola, riproduzione vietata)


1. Cruise industry: since 2009, the number of cruise ship passengers embarking here has grown by 32%. The newest cruise ship to dock in the city is the Norwegian Cruise Line.

2. The revamped West Side: it’s one of the several projects in the works that are already wowing Gotham’s tourists, i.e the High Line on the West Side. It’s the former railroad trail, and the third and last section will be completed by 2014.

3. Neighborhood x Neighborhood: NYC & Company, the city’s tourism wing, wants to spread the visitor’s love throughout the city. In the winter, it began this promotional program, which showcases destinations in the outer boroughs, usually less explored.

4. The Kingsbridge National Ice Center: the city announced that the landmarked Kingsbridge Armory will transform into the world’s largest ice rink. The open is scheduled sometime in 2019, and it could be home to future ice sporting events.

5. Staten Island Ferris Wheel: construction is under way on the world’s largest Ferris wheel in the St. George neighborhood. The 625-feet structure aims to accomodate 30,000 rides a day when it opens in 2016.

Adapted from amNY.comI. Pereira

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